Learning Objectives

The course design is an introduction to cavern diving and to help develop the minimum skills and knowledge for cavern and minimal overhead environment while remaining within clear sight of the entrance and daylight.

This course has a number of objective which included:

  1. Name the four safety practices used to allow a Free Diver to expand their limits.
  2. Define and describe the six different Free Diving disciplines.
  3. State the equipment needed and at least 2 criteria that makes it unique for Free Diving.
  4. Be able to state 2 or more unsafe diving environmental conditions that would make it unsafe to Free Divers.
  5. Be able to identify and describe at least 2 equalization techniques for Free Divers.
  6. Be able to list and describe at least 2 physiological concerns for Free Divers.
  7. Identify the Signs, symptoms, and state the methods for assisting a victim of Blackout.
  8. State the three types of breathing.
  9. Describe and demonstrate the techniques for proper breathing.
  10. Describe and demonstrate the proper breathing technique both before and after the dive.

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