Welcome to the Open Water Free Diver Course

Welcome to the exciting and relaxing world of snorkeling / free diving. Your reasons for becoming involved in this wonderful sport may be varied. For some it is to take photographs and video, for others it may be spear fishing others simply to enjoy the freedom from scuba tanks and it’s cumbersome equipment. Whatever the reason you’ve decided to enjoy free diving, we’re sure that you will find your course thorough, informative, educational and most importantly fun.

Snorkeling and free diving is possibly the purest form of sporting activity that is enjoyed today by thousands of avid marine, nature and sports enthusiasts alike. Unlike scuba diving, (diving with a tank of breathing air on your back), which has only been around in its present form since 1943, free diving is not dependent on high pressure gas tanks and hi-tech underwater breathing apparatus. On the contrary, in order to free dive, only comparatively basic equipment is required; this coupled with the desire to commune with the ocean and its infinite wonders in the most natural way conceivable.

The Open Water Free diver course is designed to increase a diver’s maximum free diving range to a pressure of 2 atmospheres or an equivalent depth of 33 feet (10 meters), the ability to dive a distance of minimum 18 meters in a time that may take anywhere up to one and a half days. The Open Water Free Diver is trained to make free dives in the open water environment in a non-competition atmosphere. The Open Water Free Diver level of training is specifically designed to feel confident in water, safely assist, encourage and develop the skills of beginning free divers. The course content develops an understanding of basic aspects of free diving, including the History of Free Diving, Equipment for Free Diving, In-Water Environment, Physics and Physiology of Free Diving, Safety and Problem Management for Free Diving and Breathing and Psychology of Free Diving.

The skills gained in this certification course are a prerequisite to entering the next levels of training of Advanced Free Diver and some specialties such as DPV Assisted Free Diver and Photography, Open Water Free Diver Assistant Instructor and Instructor programs.

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