Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate how to calibrate an Oxygen Analyzer
  2. What is the permitted percent error in an oxygen analysis measurement
  3. Demonstrate how to analyze an EANx Tank
  4. Demonstrate how to properly log an oxygen Analysis
  5. Demonstrate how to Label a EANx Tank with the results of a nitrox analysis
  6. To know at what percentage of oxygen that special cleaning of equipment is needed
  7. To define Oxygen Clean and Oxygen Service
  8. Plan an EANx Dive to stay within the maximum depth, Inert gas and oxygen limits for the mix being used on the dive using IANTD Dive tables, Dive Computer or other software computer program in the diver’s possession.
  9. Calculate the Maximum Operational Depth (MOD) of an EANx mixture based upon the partial pressure of oxygen
  10. Calculate the depth on Atmospheres Absolute based upon the depth
  11. Calculate the partial pressure of a EANx mixture at various depths
  12. Calculate the BEST MIX of EANx for the planned Depth of the dive and the planned and maximum oxygen exposure.
  13. To know the maximum partial pressure oxygen exposure for recreational Nitrox divers
  14. Be able to identify ALL the signs and symptoms of Oxygen Toxicity
  15. To be able to determine the NOAA CNS oxygen toxicity limits based upon the PO2 of the EANx mixture used
  16. To identify the formula for Daltons law
  17. To be able to calculate equivalent air depth using the formula

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