Welcome to the EANx Diver Course

The International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers began in 1985 when Dick Rutkowski saw the need for the sport diving public to be introduced to the benefits of using Nitrox. Under the leadership of Tom Mount, IANTD, grew into the leading technical training organization being the first training agency to introduce Nitrox, Technical Decompression diving and rebreathers to the world. Today, IANTD has offices in over twenty-one countries and instructors in all major diving locations around the world.

Welcome to your IANTD Enriched air Nitrox program. This Program is designed to provide Sport Divers with the knowledge to conduct non-decompression dives with Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) mixes to a maximum depth of 132 ft/ 40 using gases that contain a fraction of oxygen in the range of 21% to 40%. Using these mixtures the diver will be able to plan and dive EANx mixes with a dive computer, IANTD dive tables or other computer software planning tool.

 This course may be taken as an individual course or combined with other IANTD Sport diving programs. As you progress through the material you are encouraged to take notes, refer to your IANTD student Manual and contact your instructor if you have any questions. 

 During your course you will be asked to complete several quizzes and a final exam. Each quiz will require a passing score of 100% and 80% is the score required to pass the Final Exam. You will be required to pass each section quiz before progressing onto the next section. Upon successful completion of the online course you will review the course material with you instructor and complete the practical exercises for the course.

 IANTD thanks you for choosing and trusting us with furthering your diving knowledge and participating in this IANTD program. IANTD is dedicated to making the diving community safer and more responsible to each other and to the environment in which we play and work. All of us at IANTD look forward to diving with you soon.

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