Learning Objectives

  1. Be able to state what is trimix.
  2. State what are the fraction of oxygen and the fraction of helium for recreational trimix.
  3. Be able to State 2 benefits of recreational trimix.
  4. Calculate gas consumption, O2 and N2 absorption and narcosis depth for each dive.
  5. Be able to analyze, properly mark and identify a recreational trimix gas mixture.
  6. State 3 additional pieces of equipment you may need when diving recreational trimix.
  7. Understand the 4 principles of decompression theory.
  8. Be able to name 4 signs of decompression sickness.
  9. Name 4 steps to take in the event of a decompression accident.
  10. Be able to calculate the following: Gas density; Equivalent Narcotic Depth; best fraction of oxygen for a given depth; Maximum operating depth of a mix; total pressure at depth; and the partial pressure of a gas.
  11. Plan and execute safe Trimix dives with different depths, times and gas mixes

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