Learning Objectives

The IANTD Cave & Technical Cave course is an course for divers wishing to explore the complexity of the cave environment.

The objective of the course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for cave diving and to develop cave diving skills with or with out decompression.

The course objective included the following:

  1. A basic understanding of cave classifications, features  and how they generally form.
  2. A general understanding of cave hydrogeology characteristics  and hazards related to cave diving.
  3. Be familiar with the gear needed to safely cave dive.
  4. Know the important features of cave diving gear.
  5. Be aware of different gear configurations and the benefits of them.
  6. Understand the importance of clear communications to confirm data, to ask questions and receive answers.
  7. Be familiar with standard methods of overhead environment communications.
  8. Understand the many variables that you must consider when planning a Cave dive.
  9. Be able to describe the essential techniques to master as a cave diver.
  10. Understand the importance of the use of guidelines.
  11. To describe the basic use of line markers.
  12. Be able to describe a number of navigational procedures used in cave diving.
  13. Better understand the dangers of cave diving.
  14. Understand the basis for the various techniques taught in your course.
  15. Describe what is meant by the phrase Knowledge is essential, Survival is practical.
  16. Describe the best tools for survival.
  17. What is meant by quitting syndrome.
  18. What are the essential laws of survival in cave diving.
  19. Understand the importance of good cave conservation.
  20. To state at least 3 methods cave divers can use to practice good cave conservation.

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