Welcome to the Open Water Diver Course

Are you ready for a new challenge, adventure and world to discover? SCUBA diving is an amazing sport that will take you to new depths and let you explore a world few get to see!

To be a successful, a safe Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) diver requires patience. It will take a short time to acquire the educational background, skills, and equipment to properly execute your dives. You must also allow yourself the time to improve your skills until they become reflex and can be depended upon to make your diving safe and fun.

The materials are only the first part of the educational system. You are an important part, as is your instructor. In this course, as in all IANTD courses, you will be learning new skills and acquiring knowledge that will help you move on in your journey. The skills and education are not enough, you must also obtain the tools to safely execute the dives. Education, training and equipment are all components of a skilled diver.

Your Instructor will use the educational materials to help you internalize the things you need to make you successful and to move on in your diving journey. Remember to be open to new ideas.

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